The past two weeks have been an intense period of tending to personal stuff. Dealing with bureaucracy just got even worse in an ongoing pandemic, and I definitely have had to deal with government offices a lot more in the past year and at the beginning of 2021. But I do find moments of beauty and respite, mostly in tending to plants and watching projects— ongoing and new— blossom. There still potential in chaotic limbo.

I’ve also started a podcast on possession movies. I love watching horror movies, and discussed the etymology (origins) of the word “possession” for my first episode. With its origins rooted in purely legal usage in Old French, and transformed into the supernatural usage in English as a “state of being under the influence of madness or a demon”, there’s definitely an angle of exploitation through the related word “dispossession”. As in, being dispossessed of one’s land or property. Definitely a loaded history that I connect to feudal relations, land grabbing, and colonization.

You can listen to my new little project THE LAST POSSESSION OF on or on Spotify.