The New View

I recently moved into a new place with my mom and in a week, she’ll be flying with me to New York City where I’ll be attending graduate school. I’ve had ample time to explore my new home, quite different from Teacher’s Village. The New Place is right off a highway, lined with industrial parks, factories, and junk yards, a few subdivisions here and there, all liminal, with markets on both ends. My last days in the Philippines were spent helping mommy decorate the home and assisting her in easing in. But I think the most grueling part was moving the four cats from Teacher’s Village to here and the ongoing adjustment period. Kitty Boy, of course, is the most stressed. Mui Mui and her babies don’t seem to mind and are getting a feel of condo living.

Honestly, I’m still processing this entire year. So much is happening and I’m grateful that good things are coming my way (and whatever bad juju there is feels remote and small only because I’ve found my ground). I know I worked hard to get what I think I need to pave to my calling, but also I got lucky. Sappy as it sounds, I can’t be thankful enough.

I’ll be posting more content soon, mostly about my adventures as a grad student in NYC. Blogs have audiences but I’m not sure if I have an audience and if it will grow. I’m trying to put myself out as much as I can— it’s both necessary and perhaps for posterity (digital archive, metadata, etc.), and I’d also like to thank anyone who made time to follow and read my entries.