I originally meant to post every Sunday, but my schedule did not make that possible. Since my last entry, there has been substantial development in my otherwise bleak and ordinary life: I did get a graduate scholarship from the Asian Cultural Council, and departmental support from MFA Art Writing in the School of Visual Arts. I’m still processing this information since I submitted my applications with little hope. For those who know me personally— I admit, I don’t allow myself to be figured out so easily— it took me a while to get my act together but pursuing a scholarly track had always been my dream.

It means so much that this is finally happening. Though I’m anxious and stressed, I’m also grateful. I hope this is a step in developing a more stable and tenable writing practice.

This development has some implications and repercussions to my writing. I am aware of these implications but I’m not comfortable talking about them now, since I haven’t solidly formed my statement. I will follow up on this in the months to come.

Some Sundry:

  • Awaiting feedback from Likhaan where I submitted a few poems for consideration.
  • I somehow had gotten around to also submitting work to the Palanca Awards for consideration. All thanks to the loving encouragement of A. Here’s to walking the Plank, as I like to say.
  • I have two publications: online, at the CANCELLED issue of the Unlikely Journal for Creative Arts. I wrote about my work at the UP Bulwagan ng Dangal— it was most meaningful and satisfying but, alas, beset with serious problems found everywhere (there really is no escape); in print at the Filipinas Journal of the Philippine Studies Association Inc., Volume 1. I wrote about net art and local digital communities. You may request a copy through info@philstudies.org
  • A book review for Cha: An Asian Literary Journal will also be coming up for their December issue. I’m looking forward to reading and writing about Monsters, Animals, and Other Worlds: A Collection of Short Medieval Japanese Tales edited by Keller Kimbrough and Haruo Shirane. I cannot wait to share it.

Thanks for reading.